I am a generally awesome person. I made this wiki and I love grapes and Japanese gum.


Music Edit

My favorite bands are: Owl City, Vanessa Carlton, Anna Tsuch(something), TobyMac, Hellogoodbye and Onerepublic.

Television Edit

I LOVE the following shows: Glee. Phineas and Ferb. Roseanne. 3rd Rock from the Sun. Chuck, No Ordanary Family, Doctor Who. Torchwood... Oh and PHINEAS AND FERB!!!


A Tad about meEdit

I am a big pop culture nerd and I love to keep up-to-date with everthing (fashion, food, books, movies ect)

My favorite place to eat at is Sonic (XD)

I like some Anime and Manga (recomendations?)

My favorite Anime is Ouran High School Host Club

My "favorite shade is navy blue" (kudos to anyone who gets the quote) thumb|300px|right|Best remix of "True Colors" ever.

Shippings! Edit


[[Ferbessa|Ferbessa                                                                                  thumb|300px|right ]]


Isajeet thumb|300px|right



ect ect ect

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