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Dear Diary. Today was the best worst day ever. I was doing an expirament in my room and dad caught me and turns out he switched mine with something that turned me into a purple platypus. Thats right. Platypus. Not only that but he kicked me out of the house. I was on the street for a while. I had no idea what I would do. I mean not only was I homeless but I was a homeless platypus. I still cant get over that.. I did take care of the homelessness pretty fast though. I met these two boys named Phineas and Ferb. They are so nice! And they like to build so I will be able to do my expeiraments there too! I am so excited! Its all too much. They have a sister named Candace who seriously needs to take a chill pill. Ironically enough they have a pet platypus named Perry. I don't think I have ever heard of anyone in the Tri-State Area owning a platypus, yet I turn into one and I go to the one house where they have a platypus. How lucky is that?? I mean I knew a guy once who owned a panda but still. I am just so happy now. Even though I'm still a platypus, which is not bothering me much now that I am a little used to it. I cant wait to see what adventures await me.. Well thats all for tonight. Its been a looong day so I'm going to bed!


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